Installation into new and existing facilities

A series of systems using sterilising UVC lights to be installed in all types of climate control and refrigeration systems. Details


To combat periodic mould and many other bacteria

Path-Away is an organic spray that solves these problems quickly and effectively..


All our refrigeration units are fitted with UVC systems

Ensuring top quality is one of our primary aims and we strive to fulfil this goal every time..

Working with Airvention

At Airvention, we don't have any installation people; instead, we work with your regular installers/suppliers of ventilation, refrigeration and climate control systems

- we can also provide a solution if you have your own service department that performs installation and maintenance.

Whether you contact us directly or through your regular partners for ventilation/refrigeration/climate control system, the result is the same: a safe and effective solution.

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Airvention helps

Problems arise because the cooling fan produces condensation when the air conditioning system is running. The humid environment provides the perfect conditions for microorganisms to grow.
Regardless of whether the air is coming directly from outside or is recycled, all microorganisms/bacteria are channelled through the refrigeration/ventilation air.

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